4th Chicago Open Taekwondo Championship – River Grove, IL

The 4th Chicago Open Taekwondo Championship in River Grove, IL this year is a new event for me.

The last time I was in Chicago was for the 2013 U.S. National Championships. Now I get to return to the Chicago area and fight once again at the 4th Chicago Open Taekwondo Championship.

This will be the first time fighting at this event. I’m looking forward to fighting some different opponents gaining even more much needed experience. I’ll be developing my skills even further going to the level taking me closer to my dream in Rio!

My intention is to bring home the gold and having a ton of fun with friends and family in the process.

Taekwondo is my passion and I’m glad I can share this journey with you!

Live the impossible and keep moving forward!

Road to Rio – 2016 Olympics
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