German Open 2014

Germain Open 2014Have you ever been inspired to do something? I have and as you know it’s competing in the Olympics. I’m inspired to compete for Team USA in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Following my heart and going for the gold in Rio de Janeiro is the goal, but the next step in my journey lies in Hamburg, Germany at the German Open 2014. It’s very exciting to sit back and take in the view of where my journey is taking me.

I’ve competed at international events before, but it’s always been on American soil. This marks the first event where I’ll be fighting in a whole other country. And I’m sure ready to take it to the next level in Germany.

I intend on bringing home the gold right back to Saginaw, MI. I’ll take my skills and experiences to the next level in Germany. I’m so excited just thinking about this event and writing this article.

I’m currently training each and every day preparing for not only this event, but also all the other events that will take place this year all over the country and all over the world. It’s an incredible journey and want to thank you for your love and support.

Live the impossible and keep moving forward!

Road to Rio – 2016 Olympics
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