Livingston E-Score Open

Livingston E-Score Open (Perfecting My Scoring)

Livingston E-Score Open TournamentEvery tournament I participate in provides many opportunities to me to learn valuable lessons.

This local tournament being held in the Livingston, MI area is no exception.

I’ll be competing to perfect my scoring ability on the Daedo Truescore system. The Daedo Truescore system is a set of electronic hogus (hogu is the Korean term for chest protector).

This new system has taken the sport of Taekwondo to a new level.

In order for me to reach my dream of fighting in Rio at the 2016 Olympics I must learn the ins and outs of this scoring system. The tournament follows USAT competition rules and runs a good, fair tournament using the up-to-date electronic scoring used at USAT Nationals for all ages and levels. This tournament is a great proving ground to hone my fighting skills and attracts some of the best fighters in Taekwondo.

I’m looking forward to fight at this event and take my skill to a new level, all while going for the gold.

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