Michigan – Midwest Tae Kwon Do Championships

Michigan – Midwest Taekwondo Championships

Every year there are many tournaments that come and go. Some bring many competitors and others not so much. The Michigan Midwest Championships is one of the events that attracts competitors from all around the world. The best part about this tournament is that it is in my very own home state, in the city of Novi, just outside of Detroit. This year I was honored to be part of Team USA (Blue) that was a five man tag team event against Canada (Red).

Team USA won with a final score of 42 to 38!

This was an intense competition as you’ll see from the video. Be sure and turn the HD on for best viewing.

Chris Canning Award Nomination

I was also honored by being nominated for the Chris Canning Outstanding Martial Artist Award at the event. I didn’t win the award. However, being nominated for the award was exciting and a great honor. It speaks highly about how I live my life and what I believe in. Here’s the award I received. (Click on the award for an easier read.)

Chris Canning Award David Reitz TKD 2013Chris Canning Award Story

This explains more about Chris Canning, how he lived his life, and his legacy.

Chris Cannning Story - David Reitz

Here are some photos from the event…

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