Michigan Qualifier Results

Mich Taekwondo LogoI just completed one more event on my journey to Rio, as the Michigan State Qualifier has now come to an end this past Saturday.

I took first place and brought home the gold just like I intended to do.

This win has qualified my spot for the 2013 USA Taekwondo National Championships in Chicago, Illinois.

The event attracted around 250 athletes of all ages and belt ranks representing over 5 states, with the majority of athletes being from Michigan.

My division consisted of myself and three other competitors. Which for a state qualifier is actually a large division, believe it or not. After a long day of waiting my division was underway and I was the first fight up.

I learned a lot at this event. The importance of being mentally and physically prepared along with stepping into the ring calm, cool, and collected. During my first match I executed my game plan just as I pictured it in my mind over the last several weeks. Over the course of my three rounds I scored eight points to my opponent’s zero. I dominated the match and won 8 – 0, which was a pretty awesome feeling.

I prepared for my second match to do the same thing, but something unexpected happened. My opponent bowed out to me. That means he respectfully withdrew from the fight for his own reasons giving me the automatic win, without having to fight. That was the easiest 6-minute fight I ever had. So at the end of the day I was the Michigan State Champion for the Men’s Senior Featherweight division.

With another successful day in the books, I’m excited to get back to training and begin preparing for the National tournament held in Chicago at the beginning of July this year. I’ll be preparing mentally and physically day in and day out. I’ll be working on certain areas of my fighting game and areas of my physical conditioning to become the best me I can possibly be!

It was a wonderful day with teammates and family and I can’t wait to do it all over again! Thank you for your love and support.

Live your life to the fullest…and live the impossible!

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