Valuable Lessons From The Livingston E-Score Open Tournament

Training Summer Olympics 2016The lessons I learned at the Livingston E-Score Open Tournament are ones I will remember and hold with me through out the rest of my Taekwondo career.

The day of competition came and I brought home a silver medal to add to my collection of wins.

However, it wasn’t my best performance to date and it didn’t register with me right away as to why. After talking with my mental coach and taking some time to reflect over the days events, I realized I wasn’t prepared mentally for the fight. I took the tournament to lightly and went in with out my winning mindset and attitude.

I knew mental preparation was important, but not how important until this tournament. I was not on my best game due to lack of my mental preparation. I have always worked with my Taekwondo coach on my skills and training physically. I have just started to work with a new coach on my mental game and didn’t prepare like we did in the tournament before this one where I won the gold. My coach wanted to work with me and I thought I didn’t need to because of the success of my last fight. Boy, was I mistaken! LOL

After this tournament I’m excited to get back to training again. Not just the physical this time, but also the mental training that goes along with being a champion. My new daily training schedule now includes mental training and preparation as well as honing my fighting skills.

Moving forward I will always be sure to walk into my trainings and my tournaments with a powerful focus on my mental game as well as the physical part of Taekwondo. See you at my next tournament!

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