USA Taekwondo Championship In Kalamazoo Was A “Golden” Victory!

My current goal is to get as much practical application as possible. In other words, my goal is to participate in as many local tournaments as I can, so I can implement what I’ve been doing in training.

This past weekend I did just that at the USA Taekwondo Championships in Kalamazoo, MI. I followed through with my intention and brought home the gold medal after winning two fights.

My coach and I had a game plan that I was to work on while in the ring competing. I did just that and the best part was that I have new things I can improve on. Both my coach and I found some new areas to work on as I move closer to my goal.

Overall it was a great time and great experience. I even got to be part of a special needs match with a taekwondo athlete that has Down’s syndrome. Because of his down’s syndrome he has a special match put on at tournaments. I was his next opponent. His name his Colin and it was a pleasure fighting him. I’ll have the video posted up soon, so check back soon and watch it.

The whole day was outstanding and it’s exciting to get back to training and keep on improving.

Thank you for your love and support!

Live the impossible and keep moving forward.

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