Sometimes You Win And Sometimes You Learn

Sometimes You Win And Sometimes You Learn…

KnowledgeLife is full of lessons to help us learn along our journey.

Don’t worry if you don’t get the lesson the first time… life will bring the lesson back to you, so you can get it.

Sometimes the lessons are difficult and painful to learn, but in the end you become a better and stronger person.

My journey is underway at this very moment. The destination? Rio de Janiero – 2016 Olympics. I strive to learn from every training session and every tournament leading up to the moment I step onto the biggest sports stage in the world, the Olympics.

This past weekend at the Eric Rose Memorial Tournament was one of those learning experiences. It was a spectacular turn out for the event, all in honor of Master Eric Rose. It was a joy to compete in honor of him, but it was even a greater joy to know that I took away valuable lessons from the days fights.

Leading into my first fight I prepared with my mental coach to get me focused and ready to take care of business. I knew in my mind I was going to cap my opponent, which means you are up by 12 points at the end of the second round or anytime in the third round. At the end of the second round my fight was over and I beat my opponent 13-1.

My next fight came up and I didn’t take the time to prepare with my mental coach. I “thought” I was good to go and ready to take care of business. That’s where the lesson was, I “thought” it, and I didn’t “know” it. Now I see there is indeed a huge difference, because I lost my second fight with some silly mistakes.

Was I disappointed at first? Absolutely, especially when I know I’m better than my opponent who beat me and the only reason I lost, was because of my lack of mental preparation between the two fights. My mental coach reassured me though, that although I felt like a loser at the time, I finished the day a winner because I took away many valuable lessons.

It’s time to get back to work these coming weeks, both mentally and physically. My routine will push my mind, body and spirit to the max. If I’m not willing to push my limits, I will never know just how far I can go. It’s time to put in the work and get the job done.

Follow me on my journey and remember to always live the impossible!

Road to Rio – 2016 Olympics
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