The Legacy Training Camp In Houston Was Awesome!

A few weeks ago I returned from the 2014 Legacy Camp in Houston, Texas. The Lopez family along with many others hosted the inaugural camp.

It was a great opportunity for myself and about thirty other athletes from around the country to train with the best in Tae Kwon Do. I was able to work along side an all star line up of coaches including Olympic coaches Jean Lopez and Rob Fausett, Olympic champions Steven, Mark, and Diana Lopez, national coach Michael Tang, and many other qualified people.

I picked up so many things from the camp including some new drills and techniques I can implement into my daily training.

The biggest benefit of the camp was being able to develop a relationship with the coaches that are ongoing. I was able to get to know each and every person. They welcomed all my questions with open arms, and I sure had a lot of them.

This camp gave me the chance to get into the minds of champions and the people who create champions. I came away with so much and am so excited to where I am headed in my Tae Kwon Do career. The Legacy Camp helped unlock new things for myself and will take me to the next level.

Texas proved to be an exciting time, but its nice to be home. Now back to training!

I’m looking forward to all the upcoming tournaments and putting my new knowledge to good use.

Keep following my journey and live the impossible!

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